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Frequently Asked Questions

We’ve compiled a list of answers to common questions about the overall platform. For specific information about different parts of the BidBoard system see the links above.

What are the minimum requirements for holding a BidBoard Silent Auction?

BidBoard is meant to be simple and accessible for all auction teams and for all bidders. Auction organizers can get started on BidBoard for free with no commitment. Simply register a BidBoard account and start following the guided auction setup. Event organizers will not be charged unless they actually start and run an auction and accept bids through the system. The BidBoard auction management panel can be accessed through any of the major browsers from any connected device, but the experience is optimized for desktop access.

For the bidding process, users can access event bidding through the app or any web-connected device. We recommend event organizers provide users with Wi-Fi access, while although not necessary, it reduces friction and network loads.

Do you provide hardware for events?

As of right now, BidBoard does not provide event organizers with any kind of hardware for events. Not having to supply events with hardware keeps costs low for you, and we are confident in the way that our platform works on mobile devices. We are able to charge a flat fee for use of our system because of the low overhead involved in running an auction. BidBoard is more of a self-serve platform, but we do offer technical support to make sure that your events run smoothly.


Do you have a staff that will help me run my event?

The BidBoard team does not staff events, but we do have resources to help you make sure that bidding instructions are clearly visible and that you have a well trained volunteer team to make sure your events go off with minimal friction.

Don’t hesitate to contact us if you have any questions on setting up an event or need assistance in training volunteers.

What if my attendees don't use iPhones?

If you have Android attendees have no fear! The BidBoard system was designed to accommodate both iPhone and Android users. Non-iOS users can access bidding through the browser on their mobile phones. They simply have to go to www.bidboardapp.com and login as a bidder and they will have the same access as the Native iOS app users.

Both the BidBoard website and the BidBoard web-based bidding portal have been optimized for mobile usage.

How much does BidBoard cost?

We’ve made BidBoard super affordable. Event organizers simply pay $500 to run an auction, and bidder access whether it is via the app or the web-based bidding portal is free to event attendees. Does it really get any better than that? We know that raising money can get expensive, and we believe that more money should stay with the causes, which is why we’ve opted for a flat fee rather than a percentage of your earnings.

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